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Frequently Asked Questions

What are waiting periods?

The amount of time after the plan effective date that you must wait before certain benefits are available. Waiting periods vary depending on the plan and the services provided. We do have a plan with no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive services (not available in all states).

Do I have to use a participating dentist with my plan?

The Dental Insurance plans allow you the flexibility to use a dentist of your choice or choose a dentist from our established network. We offer one of the largest dental networks nationally, the Maximum Care Network powered by Careington and DenteMax, to help you save on dental services.
The same plan year deductible and coinsurance amounts apply whether you use an in-network dentist or an out-of-network dentist. However, your out of pocket expenses may be lower if you see an in-network dentist.

What are my options for payment methods?

Premiums can be paid by credit card or bank authorization, through either a checking or savings account.

What are my options for payment modes?

You can select to pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually when you enroll initially.

When will my bank account or credit card be charged?

You can select a bank account draft date that works best for you during the enrollment process. The bank account draft date can be any date between the 1st – 28th of the month.
If credit card payment is selected, the credit card will be charged when the application is submitted. For ongoing credit card payments, the card will be charged on the day of the month that your coverage was effective. For example, if your coverage is effective on the first of the month, the card will be charged on the first each month. If the day the card is to be charged falls on a weekend or holiday, the card will be charged on the first business day following the weekend or holiday. Your card will not be charged early.

What are my choices for effective dates?

Coverage can be issued effective any day of the month between the 1st-28th. The effective date cannot exceed 90 days from the date it was submitted, and coverage can begin no sooner than the day after the enrollment is submitted.

What is the deductible that I’ll have to pay?

All of our plans have a low $100 deductible for the plan year.

Can I include my spouse on my enrollment?

No, you cannot include anyone else on your application. The enrollment process will allow one person between the ages of 18-89 per application.

When will I get my ID cards?

Your policy/certificate packet and ID cards will be mailed to you in 3-5 business days after your application is received for processing.

How do I submit a dental claim?

Most dental provider offices will file the claim on your behalf.

Dental providers should submit electronic claims by using Medico Insurance Payer ID: 23160
All other claims can be submitted to
Medico Insurance Company by mail or by fax.
Medico Insurance Company
PO Box 21660
Eagan, MN 55121-0660
Fax: 1-402-496-8199